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The game was released in Europe in December 2007 for Xbox 360 and PC, the same year in Japan and South Korea, and in February 2008 for Australia and North America. A Nintendo DS port was released in the PAL region on January 30, 2009, published by Ubisoft. Gameplay The game features several different camera angles and camera controls, allowing the player to focus on the action or take control of an object. Various objects can be used to make objects and characters disappear, such as bombs, a telephoto lens, or your bare hands. The game is split into two parts, with each part having three game levels. The first part is called the "study", which involves smashing all the windows and levers of the bus. Once the player completes that part, the player can take control of the bus and begin the second part, called the "escape". In the "study" section, the player can use their environment, people, vehicles, and, more destructively, explosives, to manipulate their environment and damage objects. In the second part, the player can control the bus and move from level to level, destroying objects as they go. The player can also throw objects, such as a book, a television, or a car, to damage other objects, or use objects, such as a fire extinguisher, to kill the enemy or other people. The player can also throw a lit cigarette into people's faces or use them as an explosive. Plot Main plot Alex, a young boy with a photographic memory, gets on the bus for school. The bus is heading down the freeway when the bus is hit by a truck, throwing Alex through the bus's windshield. He wakes up the next morning, with his photographic memory gone. Alex's sister Jade, is very worried and wants him to remember. They spend the rest of the time on their bike, along with a group of her friends and a school teacher called Mrs. Grey. As they cycle, they are trying to find a bus stop, hoping to catch the school bus. They see the bus stop on their way to school, but they miss it. Instead they see a group of two boys and one girl, the "Jones Gang" vandalizing a shopping center. The Jones Gang discovers them and tries to take Alex and Jade. Jade fights them off, but Jade ends up losing. They then attack the teacher, Mrs. Grey, but Alex stops them. The Jones Gang and the teacher begin fighting.




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